40Gbps InP MZM光发射模块, NRZ格式, 1550nm

本模块以极为紧凑的尺寸集成了InP材料MZM调制器, DFB激光器, 波长1550nm, 可支持40Gbps NRZ格式光信号传输.

内有温度和功率控制措施. 具有静态功率和波长高度稳定, 高动态性能高可靠性等特点. 是短距离传输的紧凑和高性价比解决方案.


Top -miniThe NRZ transmitter module consists of InP Mach Zehnder Modulator and conventional Distributed Feed-Back (DFB) laser. The modulation signal is applied to the integrated MZM modulator while the laser works in CW mode. The internal thermal and power control make the wavelength and optical power highly stable. And non-drifting feature of InP MZM guarantees the performances of NRZ transmission over long term. The compact size and low cost makes it ideal for NRZ transmission or stress test up to 40Gbps.


High extinction ratio , [email protected]
Low drive voltage, Wide band-width
Compact size with integrated MZM and DFB Laser


High-speed short reach communication
Wide band PD, ROSA, Receiver stress test


Parameter Unit Specification
Min. Typ. Max.
Nominal Wavelength nm 1547 1550 1553
Wavelength Stability/Hour pm 2
DC Optical Power dBm 3 7
Data Rate Gbps 40
Optical Side mode Suppression Ratio dB 35
Wavelength Stability/Hour pm 2
Extinction Ratio dB 8
Input Driver Swing Vpp 1.0 2.0
Input Driver Offset V 0
Relative Intensity Noise (f<10GHz) dB/Hz -135
RF Connector K Female (SMA Compatible)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70
Relative Humidity % 20~90 (Non-condensation)
Power supply* DC 5V, 1A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 100×80×20 (Module)

EYE DIAGRAM @>=32 Gbps

Eyediagram - mini


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Package NRZ Data Rate Wavelength Output Power RF Connector Fiber Type Connector
M=Module 40=40Gbps 15=1550nm 3=3dBm K=SMA P=PM fiber FA=FC/APC
10=10Gbps 7=7dBm S=SM fiber