40Gbps DQPSK自相干解调接收模块 Fujitsu FIM24202

富士通FIM24202自相干解调接收模块, 内部集成光延迟解调器以及高带宽平衡探测器和跨阻放大器. 是DQPSK解调和探测的一体式小型化解决方案, 具有非常高的性价比.

40Gbps DQPSK Integrated Receiver, Fujitsu FIM24202, Fiber Coupled Module

The Fujitsu FIM24202 DQPSK receiver integrates balanced PIN/TIA (Linear + AGC) photo receiver and DLI (Delay Line Interferometer) in one package, which make the module compact and cost-effective with excellent performances. The interior PLC Mach-Zehnder interferometer features push/pull drive of DLI phase tuning for lower power consumption. And the Balanced receiver consist of PIN, TIA and peak detector for each channel, which is easy for tuning and debugging. All the components are hermetically sealed in high reliable package. It is designed for 40Gbps DQPSK optical communication systems.FIM24202mini


  • 3dB cut-off frequency: 20 GHz typ.
  • Power consumption <3.5W target
  • Small Size: 45mm x 27mm x 8.0mm max.
  • Flexible Printed Cable (FPC) interface
  • Optical Input power monitor


  • 44.6Gbit/s DQPSK optical communication systems
  • MSA Transponder and Line card designs

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Optical Characteristics

Parameter Units Min Typ. Max Notes
Wavelength Range nm 1527 1565
Optical Input Power dBm 4.5 10.5
Extinction Ratio dB 17
Optical Path Delay(P/N) ps -2 +2 Differential Output Same Arm
Optical Path Delay(I/Q) ps -3 +3 Between I –arm and Q-arm
FSR GHz 22.8
FSR Error GHz ±1
Phase Tuning Range FSR -1 +1
Phase Tuning Voltage V 6.5 8.0 MZI_I1±, MZI_Q1±

MZI_I2±, MZI_Q2±

Phase Tuning Resistance Ohms 60
Phase Tuning Time Constant* mSec 50
Optical Return Loss dB 27

*Tuning time constant is defined as the time for the phase to reach half way from the starting point to the ending point.

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Units Min Typ. Max Motes
PD Responsivity** A/W 0.075 0.15 Receiver Total
A/W 0.01 0.1 Monitor PD
Bit Rate Gbps 44.6
Conversion Gain Vpp/W 150 Not AGC Mode
Electrical Output Reflection Coefficient (S22) dB 10 @<20GHz
Input Referred Noise Current Density pA/sqrt(Hz) 15 @TIA
Photodiode Dark Current uA 3
Power Consumption W 2.0 3.5 In Total
Thermistor Resistance Kohms 10
Thermistor B Constant K 3410
Output Voltage Swing mVpp 400 AGC Mode, Terminate to GND through 50 Ohms
3dB Cut-off Frequency GHz 20
Amplifier Supply Current mA 110 135 In Total
Thermistor Current mA 0125
TEC Resistance Ohm 3.75
TEC Control Time Constant Sec 13

**Including demodulator and optical coupling Loss.

Mechanical Specifications

Parameter Units Min Typ. Max Motes
Mechanical Dimensions mm 45x27x8
Mode Field Diameter um 10 SMF28 or Its Complaint
2nd Coat Material Flame-retardant thermoplastic polyester elastomer
Color Yellow
Diameter 0.9
Fiber Length mm >1000
Optical Connector LC Optional FC, SC etc.
Optical End Face PC