10GHz射频驱动器 宽带放大器 4.5V 铌酸锂调制器驱动 EVK-RF-A-10-M

本射频驱动器专门为铌酸锂调制器和电吸收调制器设计, 核心器件来自顶级国际大厂. 输出摆幅5.5V~4.5V范围, 增益固定(可根据用户要求提供摆幅超过7Vpp的版本), 典型带宽15GHz, 支持最高速率20Gbps. 能满足市面上常见调制器的驱动要求, 支持OOK, RZ, NRZ, BPSK, DPSK, Pulse, 等调制. SMA接口, 单一直流5V供电, 即插即用.

10GHz LiNbO3 Modulator Driver, Wide Band Amplifier, EVK-RF-A-10-M

The driver amplifier is a general-purpose broadband amplifier designed especially for  Mach-Zehnder optical modulator driver applications. Its exceptional performance and small size make it an easy addition to your Intermediate Reach, Long Haul, or Ultra Long Haul network infrastructure design. It provides a complete driver module package with a wide frequency range of 30 kHz to 15 GHz, low power dissipation, ample drive signal, very low added-jitter, fast rise time, and external control.

Product Highlights2 - Copy - mini

  • Low power, 2.0W, and low jitter
  • 3dB bandwidth, up to 15GHz
  • Fixed Gain,  4.5Vpp
  • Turnkey EVB, DC 5V, Plug and Play


  • EML, EA, MZM Driver
  • Microwave Photonics
  • Pulse generator and amplifier


Parameter Unit Specification
Min. Typ. Max.
Data Rate Gbps 10 14 20
3dB Bandwidth GHz 10 15
Small Signal [email protected] dB 20
Output Amplitude Swing** Vpp 1.0 4.5 5.5
Input Amplitude Swing Vpp 0.3 0.4 0.5
Variable Gain dB 2
Noise Figure dB 7.5
Rise / Fall [email protected] ps 20
Input, Output Impedance Ohms 50
Signal  Output and Coupling Single Ended, AC Coupled
RF Port SMA Male
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC5V, 1A (EVB)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 93×41×15 (EVB)

*The specifications subject to change without notice.** Output Swing up to 7Vpp is available up request.

Eye Pattern Performance (NRZ @ 10Gbps & 20Gbps)

10Gbps -4.5V Out -mini20Gbps -4.5V Out.jpg- mini










Order Information

1 2 3 4
Package Band Width Output Swing RF Connector
E=EVB 10=10GHz 4=4.5Vpp K=SMA
20=20GHz 7=7.0Vpp P=GPPO