40G速率 U2T/Finisar 光电平衡探测器/接收机评估板 C/L波段

本评估板核心为U2T(现Finisar)的平衡探测器BPRV212x(A)系列构成,  双光纤尾纤输入,速率43Gbps, 可应用于D/BPSK/QPSK系统; 射频接口GPPO, 差分输出; 差分转换增益1500~2800V/W,3dB截止频率31GHz,输出电压摆幅500~600mV.


The balanced photo-receiver receiver evalsuation board consist of the key module,  BPRV212x(A), which is a differential front-end for 43Gbits/s DPSK-applications featuring high differential gain. The photo-receiver module contains two waveguide-integrated PIN photodiode (PD) and a single chip and limiting amplifier (LA) within one small form factor SMD-package. The Receiver is well suited for D/BPSK and D/QPSK applications at 40G and 100G with rates between 20G and 56GBaud.


Sensitivity, -10dBm typical, C&L Band
Typical 31GHz 3dB cut-off frequency
500mVpp differential output voltage


43Gbps DPSK, QPSK Optical Transceiver
Radio Over Fiber, and Fiber Sensing
Testing and Measurement

Parameter Unit Specification
Min. Typ. Max.
Operating Wavelength nm 1530 1550 1620
3dB Bandwidth GHz 27 31
Optical Input Power Range/Port dBm -10 4
Differential Conversion Gain V/W 1500 2400 2800
Maximum Output Voltage Swing mVpp 500 600
Photodiode DC Responsivity A/W 0.5 0.6 0.75
Bit rate Gbps 43
Skew ps 1 5
Equivalent input noise density pA/√Hz 80 100
Photodiode dark current/PD nA 5 200
PD Bias Adj. V 2.0 2.25 2.75
Amplifier Threshold Adj. V -0.4 -0.15 +0.2
Signal  Output and Couple Differential, DC or AC Coupled
RF Output Port GPPO Malex2
Optical Fiber and Connector SM28-e, FC/APC or LC/PC
Adjustment Interface Trimming Potentiometer, Manual
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC 12V, 0.2A (EVB)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 84×79×15 (EVB)


*The specifications subject to change without notice.

*The appearance and the key component varies  according to different performance requirements.