10G速率 APD 接收机/评估板 雪崩探测器 C/L波段

核心为OCLARO的AT10GC雪崩式探测器. 带光纤尾纤输入, 速率可达10Gbps, 内置低噪声预放,可用于数字光纤通信; 灵敏度可达-26.5dBm, 饱和光功率 -1dBm, 可工作于C和L波段, 输出差分电压摆幅1000mVpp. 亦可提供壳体封装的模块.


The Avalanche Photo-Diode Receiver consists of a key avalanche photo-receiver, AT10GC, which integrate a low-noise preamplifier and a precision NTC thermistor in a hermetic coplanar package. Differential outputs are provided to improve noise rejection for enhanced sensitivity. It has been optimized for use in 10Gb/s metro applications, using NRZ modulation, with or without FEC, at data rates up to 10Gb/s. Turn-key modules are also available.


Sensitivity, -26.5dBm typical
Up to 10Gb/s with C and L band
1000mVpp differential output voltage


Metro Optical Transmission
Large Capacity Data Center Interconnection
Testing and Measurement

Parameter Unit Specification
Min. Typ. Max.
Operating Wavelength nm 1525 1550 1610
3dB Bandwidth(M=10) GHz 9
Sensitivity(M=10) dBm -26.5 -24.5
Optical Overload(M=3) dBm -3 -1
Maximum Output Voltage Swing mVpp 500 700
Maximum Data Rate Gbps 10
Impedance Gain(Small Signal) 1.1 1.4 2.5
Multiplication Bias M3 V 20
M10 26
APD Reverse Break Down Voltage V 29
APD  Bias (Internal) V 20 26.5
Dark Current(@0.9Vbr) nA 100
Differential Output Offset (Internal) V -0.5 0 +0.5
Signal  Output and Couple Differential, AC Coupled
RF Output Port SMA Female x2
Optical Fiber and Connector SM28-e, FC/APC
Adjustment Interface Internal Trimming Potentiometer, Manual
Operating Temperature 0 ~50
Power supply* DC 12V, 0.2A (Module)
Dimensions  (L×W×H)* mm 80×60×20 (Module)


*The specifications subject to change without notice.

*The appearance and the key component varies  according to different performance requirements.

Eye Diagram at 11.316 Gbps

Eye Diagram@11.316Gbps