100G速率 Oclaro奥兰若DP-IQ调制器 铌酸锂光纤调制器 PM100系列

奥兰若OCLARO PM100系列 马赫泽德调制器, 四臂RF驱动, 适用调制格式DP-QPSK; 保偏输入输出,最高速率可达128Gbps; C+L波段工作


The PM100 modulator supports the generally accepted Dual Polarization-QPSK modulation scheme; each of four parallel MZI’s running at speeds of up to 32Gbaud. The very advanced, spectrally highly efficient QPSK modulation format, combined with the polarization multiplexing scheme, guarantees compatibility with 50GHz optical channel spacing and more than doubles the capacities of conventional 40G transmission. This product uses very advanced chip and packaging technologies that have evolved from Oclaro’s extremely reliable and high-performing standard MZI modulators. A meticulous chip design features low insertion loss (with very small polarization depend loss) as well as a high bandwidth and a quasi-linear electro-optic roll-off. In addition, the PM100 form factor is designed according to the widely accepted OIF 100G TX Implementation Agreement.

FEATURES100G DP-QPSK Modulator - Oclaro Img mini

100Gb/s generated from four 25Gbaud signals (Polarization multiplexed 2*50G QPSK)
Single ended drive, Fully integrated with polarization combiner
Low insertion loss, Low PDL, Low Skew, Low drive voltage
Designed to OIF implementation agreement, Qualified to GR-468

Leading transmission performance


100G Metro to ULH transmission with highest spectral efficiency
DWDM over 10G Infrastructure (with coherent detection)
100G Transponders and Line-cards
Microwave Photonics and Other modulation formats

PM100-1 PM100-3 PM100-4 PM100-5 PM100-6100G DP-QPSK Modulator - Oclaro Test Report - cut